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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I buy products directly from TUSEN?

TUSEN is a manufacturer that specializes in serving our authorized retail jewelers by 

providing them with the latest styles.  We do not have a customer service department to deal 

directly with the public.  We rely on our partnerships with retail jewelers to provide the 

necessary customer service to the public, as that is their specialty.

What does your lifetime warranty cover?

TUSEN lifetime warranty is the most comprehensive in the business.  If one of our rings 

should break or crack during the course of your lifetime, we will replace it.  If your 

finger size changes during the course of your lifetime, we will replace it.  There is no 

cost to replace the ring itself, however shipping fees are the responsibility of the 

consumer/retailer.  For complete details, please see our lifetime warranty page.

How do I use the TUSEN Lifetime Warranty?

Simply bring your ring to the jeweler you purchased your ring from and they will take care 

of sending it in to us for any warranty claims. There is no need to register your ring. We 

are able to identify each one of our rings once we receive it from your jeweler.

How long does it take to ship the ring to my jeweler?

From the day that an order is placed, we can usually have it in your jeweler's store within 

2-3 days.  Overnight shipping is also available.  Please contact your jeweler for cost 

details, as it varies depending on location.

How can I become an authorized retailer of Thorsten rings?

Any jeweler with a retail jewelry store, whether it is a brick and mortar location or an 

online business, can apply to become an authorized retailer.  To apply, please visit our 

retailer's page to start this easy process.

Does TUSEN offer drop shipping?

Yes, we can easily offer drop shipping to any retailer's customer.  There is no extra 


Is there a catalog of your ring styles?

We are constantly adding new styles and expanding existing styles.  It would not be feasible 

to print catalogs because by the time we get a catalog made, there will be new styles that 

are not on the catalog.  Therefore, the best way to see all our latest ring styles is by 

visiting our website, as it is constantly being updated.  We also rarely discontinue styles, 

so you will always be able to find all our styles, even older styles.